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Mini Maestros

International Licences

As an Australian based program, we are pleased to offer licences to potential Mini Maestros operators in overseas locations.  Our international licensees operate enrichment centres and have incorporated the Mini Maestros program into their centre’s curriculum.

Mini Maestros is a very well respected Australian music education program for pre-school children and is the longest running Australian business of its kind. The program is educational, nurturing physical, emotional, intellectual, social and creative development, with an emphasis on learning through play. The program comprises weekly lessons for 5 different age groups over 40 weeks, in total 200 lessons.

The Mini Maestros curriculum has been developed in Melbourne over many years of trial and research by early music education experts and is based on the Kodaly and Orff approaches with Dalcroze and Suzuki influences. The program comprises the music curriculum, music teaching, and classroom methodologies, teaching guides, lesson plans including music scores, recorded music, and student materials. All activities have specific aims and objectives, and the lessons (normally one each week) are sequential and developmental by design. Each activity is chosen and designed to develop particular skills. For example, a dance teaches about musical form, learning and remembering sequences, counting skills, co-operation with others and keeping a steady beat; a simple song can develop language, vocabulary, imaginative play, improvisation and dramatisation. All teachers follow the same program and lesson plans. Teachers are trained to apply their own discretion and skills within the lesson according to the needs of the particular class. As well as some pre-recorded music, much of the music in the class is performed by the teacher (sung with simple guitar or ukulele accompaniment).

Our preferred model is that the head teacher for any overseas location is trained in Melbourne.  The initial training, which includes teaching alongside an experienced teacher in real classes, takes at least 2 weeks.  Ongoing training can be done online.

A licence fee for a single overseas location, such as an enrichment centre starts at AUD6,500 for 2 years including training of the head teacher (but not flights or accommodation) and access to all our resources. If exclusivity over a certain area or region is requested then the licence fee is more depending on the territory size required and the licence is granted for 5 years.  No royalties are payable but all students must purchase certain items of student equipment from the licensee which the licensee purchases from us (being 4 books per year per student, one bag per student and one peek-a-boo scarf, CD, bumblebee puppet or chime bars set per student per year according to age group).

What Makes Mini Maestros Unique?

  • Mini Maestros is an all-Australian business, owned by Australians.

  • Almost all the music, apart from some traditional pieces, is composed by Australians.

  • As an English speaking program, it encompasses Australian idioms and culture.

  • The program is fundamentally, rather than incidentally, educational (although delivery focuses on a fun experience for children, parents, carers, and teachers alike).

  • The program is holistic by nature in that it helps develop the whole child.

Mini Maestros Music Education – Whole Brain Development

Learning music is unlike learning anything else. This is because learning and making music involves multiple components of the central and peripheral nervous systems including those associated with gross and fine motor skills, emotions, memory, intellect, paying attention, processing expectations and rules, relationships, creativity and cultural values. Making music is ‘superfood’ for a child’s developing brain.

Participating in musical activities is different from practising other activities because musicians – even very young ones – are constantly learning and making new music, thereby stimulating the entire brain. Applying, practising and seeking to improve a learned skill – such as a physical skill – does not have the same affect. Musicians continue to learn, and that learning stimulates ongoing development of the entire brain.

The Mini Maestros program, in particular, is designed to help students develop a higher order of thinking and listening skills, sensitivity, gross and fine motor skills, and a willingness to work together. Through their achievements in our music classes, students can develop a sense of self-worth and confidence and unleash their creativity.

A good music program, such as the Mini Maestros program, will foster the total development of the child and nourish the artistic qualities present in all children. In particular, Mini Maestros promotes:

Physical Development: the program provides opportunities for physical development through use of:

  • basic skills;

  • co-ordination; and

  • dances.

Emotional Development: the program provides opportunities for emotional development through musical activities that require:

  • emotional expression;

  • role playing; and

  • dramatisation.

Intellectual Development: the program provides opportunities to:

  • participate as individuals and as a member of a group;

  • develop children’s understanding of music; and

  • increase language, vocabulary and listening skills.

Social Development: the program provides opportunities to:

  • participate as individuals and as a member of a group;

  • help each child understand themselves better and to be more sensitive to their own self;

  • help each child develop an empathy for their peers and an ability to interact with sensitivity with their peers and the adults that they come into contact with;

  • experience feelings of success which lead to development of self confidence; and

  • help children develop self-control, discipline and sharing skills.

Creative Response and Development: the program provides opportunities by:

  • encouraging children to make musical decisions (e.g. discussing how best to perform a lullaby, “piano” or “forte”? or, which instrument would be best to use to sound like a train?; and

  • creating simple melodies through singing improvisations.

Fun and Happiness:  The program provides opportunities for children to experience fun and happiness in musical activities.

Age-specific Programs

Mini Maestros programs are age-specific to complement children’s natural physical, social and emotional stages. The programs are broken up into the following age groups: 6-15 months (babies), 1-2 years (toddlers), 2-3 years, 3-4 years and 4-5 years. Babies and toddlers start with 30-minute lessons which gradually extend to 45 minutes for 4-5 years.

Our Lessons

Mini Maestros lessons are written with specific aims and objectives in mind and are sequential and developmental by design. Each activity is chosen and designed for particular purposes in order to develop children’s musical, physical, social, creative and cognitive skills.  A dance, for example, will teach children about musical form, assist them in learning and remembering sequences, practise counting skills, encourage them to work cooperatively with others, reinforce a sense of steady beat and expose them to a particular musical style. Likewise, singing simple songs develops language skills, extends children’s vocabularies, encourages imaginative play and offers opportunities for improvisation and dramatisation.
Each teacher is provided with a comprehensive lesson guide for each lesson as well as full repertoire music tracks for learning, and teaching music tracks for use in class.  All teachers follow the same lesson guides and apply their own discretion and skills within those guides according to the particular needs of each individual class.
Our lesson guides cater for two formats:

Mini Maestros International Licences

Our international licence system allows enrichment centre owners to incorporate the Mini Maestros music education program into their curriculum and business model. It also provides a ready-made program for music teachers who wish to establish their own music schools for pre-schoolers.  A Mini Maestros International Licensee becomes part of an established educational institution but can add their skills, motivation, business structure and local knowledge to a tried and true education program.
A Mini Maestros International Licence may be granted in respect of a single location or over a defined exclusive territory.
Licensees have complete access to the Mini Maestros program plus, if they wish, can refer to all of the Mini Maestros business resources, systems and methodologies.
We are responsible for:
  • continuing to develop the Program;
  • growing the business; and
  • supporting existing licensees to present the program to the best of their ability.
Our licensees actively contribute to Mini Maestros by:
  • working together as a team;
  • actively participating in program workshops and refresher training; and
  • sharing classroom ideas and experience.
The licensor/licensee relationship is a professional business relationship intended to operate to everyone’s mutual benefit.
Although established and governed as a legal relationship under the terms of our licence agreements, the relationship thrives as one between business colleagues founded on mutual care, trust and respect.

Teacher Requirements

Mini Maestros teachers must:
  • have solid musical skills;
  • have a good singing voice with a good sense of relative pitch and pitch matching;
  • have well-developed communication and customer service skills;
  • be able to engage and teach young children;
  • be able to relate confidently to other adults;
  • have a bright, outgoing personality;
  • enjoy entertaining others;
  • be willing to work within the guidelines of the Mini Maestros systems;
  • play the guitar or ukulele (or be willing to learn);
  • be fluent in English (including singing songs in English); and
  • hold any necessary Government approvals for working with children.

Student Equipment

Certain student equipment is intrinsic to the presentation of the Mini Maestros program.
As most of the instruments and props are provided in class, there is only a small investment required by parents for student equipment. Each teaching term (4 terms in a year) every child receives a music book specific to their age group containing songs and rhymes learnt in class for follow up at home. 3-4 year olds use activity pages in their books to practise pre-reading skills and learn simple graphic notation. The books for 4-5 year olds contain activities to reinforce the music staff and consolidate notation skills.
CDs with many of the songs and activities from the program are provided for the 6-15 month olds, 1-2 year olds, 2-3 year olds and 3-4 year olds and allow repertoire to be listened to and enjoyed at home, in the car or in the early learning centre. We feel that this is an integral part of the Mini Maestros philosophy as it takes the experience out of the classroom and into the child’s own environment.
2-3 and 3-4 year olds receive a bumblebee puppet that is used as a learning aid in all classes.
4-5 year olds each receive a set of chime bars with removable notes which they play in class ensembles.
Every student receives a Mini Maestros bag to carry the student equipment to class.
The 6-15 month olds and 1-2 year olds receive a Peek-a-Boo Scarf.

Training Package

Extensive training is an important part of the Mini Maestros teaching experience and sets Mini Maestros apart from other programs.
Ideally, the licensee’s nominated teacher will attend training in Melbourne, Australia for a period of 2 weeks or more.  In this period they receive new teacher training, program training for the first teaching term, administrative training and in-class (buddy teaching) training.
Where travel to Australia is not possible then, provided the Licensee’s nominated teacher has experience teaching and managing groups of pre-school age children, the initial training can be completed remotely by a combination of reading materials, training videos and online sessions.
All further interactive training sessions in the first teaching year and beyond are conducted by Skype. Training videos remain available at all times.
At the cost of the licensee (travel and accommodation), we can send one of our trainers to the licensee, to provide teaching assessments, refresher and special training at agreed times and for agreed periods.
We provide ongoing training support.
The full training program is as follows (with some adjustments where the teacher does not travel to Melbourne for the initial training):
  • New teacher training: an introduction to Mini Maestros teaching methods and classroom management. This is a short course intensive conducted over two days. The second day is held after the teacher has commenced teaching.
  • Program training: specific training on relevant age group programs.  The program training is broken up into 8 modules over the course of the teacher’s first year of teaching, involving two days before each term and one day each mid-term.
  • Administrative training: covering the suggested administrative tasks required of a teacher (e.g. health and safety matters and emergency procedures).
  • Buddy training in the classroom: the new teacher is introduced to the classroom environment alongside an existing experienced teacher.
  • Assessments: in the first year of teaching each teacher is assessed (by video) at 3 months and again at 6 months to ensure satisfactory progress and give training advice tailored to the teacher’s own development.
  • Second year refresher: in the second year of teaching teachers re-attend the program training sessions (by Skype) to enhance their skills and assist them in developing the critical ability to extend the program activities based on Orff and Kodaly methodologies.
  • Ongoing professional development: all teachers (no matter how experienced) are strongly encouraged to undertake regular additional professional development training and exercises, such as those offered by early childhood music education associations. Again this is critical so that teachers are able to extend program activities to meet particular classroom needs and provide additional learning interest.

Teachers’ Kits

Each teacher takes a kit of instruments and props to classes. The lesson guide indicates very clearly which instruments and props are to be used for each activity.

Mini Maestros Intellectual Property

Mini Maestros licensees have access to a well-planned and proven system of delivery of music education classes to children in early childhood.  This includes the right to use Mini Maestros’:
  • Name (in relation to the music program)
  • Website
  • Intranet
  • Programs (comprising 40 lessons a year for each age group, total 200 lessons)
  • Program music tracks
  • Repertoire music tracks
  • Training and workshops
  • Music Books and other student equipment
www.minimaestros.com.au is a sophisticated resource for our potential customers. This website or parts of it can be cloned for overseas locations at the cost of the licensee.
The Mini Maestros Intranet is sophisticated web-based database software that has been specifically developed for Mini Maestros can be used by licensees if they wish to manage their own:
  • individual customer records, whether enquires or enrolments;
  • class schedules;
  • staff information, schedules and payment;
  • venue location and information;
  • customer payments;
  • customer welcome letters and receipts;
  • student re-enrolment letters and class emails; and
  • financial data.
The Intranet also serves as a communications hub for the entire Mini Maestros team.
Overseas licensees are not required but may choose to use all of the administrative systems that the Intranet provides.

Business Model

Mini Maestros international licensees are solely responsible for determining the business structure and systems used to support the presentation of the Mini Maestros program in the licensee’s local market. While we give the licensee access to our systems used in Australia, a licensee must by themself determine what is suitable for their circumstances.


Mini Maestros international licensees are solely responsible for determining and implementing any program for the marketing of the Mini Maestros program for their classes. We give the licensees access to our marketing methodology, materials and templates but there is no obligation to use them other than conforming to artwork design guides.


The licensee must use the name Mini Maestros in relation to the marketing and presentation of the Mini Maestros program.

International Licence Agreement

Our international licensees enter into a formal legal document that clearly defines the relationship between the licensor and licensee and their respective rights and obligations.

Licence Costs

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Description Non-exclusive licence for single school Exclusive licence for a defined locality Master Licence and distribution rights for a significant geographical area such as city, state or country
Up front cost AUD $6,500 $11,500 To be negotiated
Duration 2 years with option to extend to a total of 5 years on payment of $1,000 per additional year 5 years 5 years plus
Rights To use the Mini Maestros program at a defined location or locations To use the Mini Maestros program anywhere within an agreed territory To use the Mini Maestros program anywhere within an agreed country or region and the right to sell others the right to use the Mini Maestros program within that country or region
Exclusive No Yes Yes
Teachers must meet certain criteria and be approved by Licensor Yes Yes Yes
Mini Maestros Program (5 age groups, 4 terms of 10 lessons each = 200 lessons plus end of year concert) Yes Yes Yes
Training program in Melbourne for 1 teacher Yes Yes Yes
Access to all program resources Yes Yes Yes
Online training support Yes Yes Yes
The licensee must purchase the student equipment required for each student from us.
The licensee pays freight from Melbourne for all student equipment and any local taxes imposed on the importation of the equipment.

What are the benefits of becoming part of the Mini Maestros family?
By taking on the Mini Maestros program, you are receiving 30 plus years’ experience and expertise in running successful music programs for young children. You will be granted the right to offer the Mini Maestros program at a defined location or exclusively in a defined area (a territory) for a fixed term using the Mini Maestros name and Mini Maestros intellectual property (programs, lesson guides, and teaching resources).


Who owns the intellectual property? What if I develop my own processes and teaching materials? Who will own the IP to my developments? 2018-04-20T00:53:02+00:00

The licensor owns the intellectual property. A licensee may develop their own teaching skills and techniques in the teaching of our program but is obliged to follow our program and teaching materials. Additional teaching materials may not be introduced to Mini Maestros music classes without prior agreement of the licensor.

How much Buddy Training is there? 2018-04-09T06:42:56+00:00

As much as a teacher needs in order to feel comfortable before running their own classes. It is advisable to buddy train with 2 or 3 different teachers, so you can see different styles, and find your own way within our supportive environment, before taking your own classes

What sort of training and support can I expect both upfront and on-going? 2018-04-09T06:42:15+00:00

The training package comprises the following:

  • New and ongoing teacher training (Mini Maestros philosophy, musical skills, classroom management).
  • Program training (learning the repertoire)
  • Buddy training in actual classes.
  • Administration training.
  • Marketing training.
  • Ongoing refresher training
  • Annual workshop
  • Online training videos
How much freedom do I have when preparing my class plans? 2018-04-09T06:39:35+00:00

We have a set and sequential program and each teacher can choose their activities for each lesson based on our lesson guides. The teacher will then use their skills and experience to extend our set activities where appropriate and according to the needs of each class. It’s like purchasing a curriculum that you then deliver in your best way possible. You have freedom to best apply your skills and style within our framework.

What happens at the end of my licence? 2021-10-14T04:41:03+00:00

Once a licence ends after 5 years any further renewal is a matter for negotiation between the licensor and the licensee. If the licensee doesn’t want to continue at the end of their term there is no obligation to do so. If they wish to continue then they need to purchase a further licence term from the licensee. If the licensee has been successful and the licensor and licensee have enjoyed a sound relationship, then it is likely that the licence will be renewed.

Can I sell my licence? 2018-04-09T06:38:11+00:00

No. Mini Maestros licences are not transferable.

Are royalties paid on enrolment fees received or student equipment sales made by a licensee? 2018-04-09T06:36:40+00:00

No. The licence fees comprise the upfront fee is payable on purchase or renewal of a licence and the amounts paid for the student equipment that must be purchased by the licensee from the licensor at the licensor’s set prices.

Is there a fee for ongoing training once the initial training is finished? Are training manuals included in this initial fee or are they extra? 2018-04-09T06:32:31+00:00

The upfront licence fee covers initial and ongoing training for all of your teachers who attend our normal scheduled training sessions during the term of your licence. Training manuals are provided to any teacher who undertakes our training at no extra cost. Training manuals must be returned at the end of a licence term or upon a teacher ceasing employment.  Where a licensee requires additional training sessions to be scheduled (because they are unable to attend our normal scheduled sessions and, for example, travel to Melbourne for a week long intensive) such sessions cost AUD60 per hour.

Do you need to have a formal musical background? 2018-04-09T06:32:05+00:00

Mini Maestros teachers must have basic musical skills and teaching experience, preferably with young children.  If you do not have a formal musical education, and plan to be the teacher, you will need a tuneful signing voice, a good sense of pitch, a strong interest in music and passion for the educational and developmental benefits of music in early childhood education. Having a music degree is always looked favourably on when assessing candidates, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

What is an exclusive territory? 2018-04-20T00:55:56+00:00

An exclusive territory is a defined geographical area in which one licensee has the exclusive right to present the Mini Maestros program. If you have purchased an exclusive licence (as opposed to a non-exclusive licence for a single location) then no other licensee is allowed to do these things in your territory. You can set up as many centres offering the Mini Maestros program in the territory as you like.

How are my employee teachers trained? 2018-04-20T00:59:54+00:00

Each licensee will nominate a head teacher for their centre. Once the head teacher has successfully completed their Mini Maestros training they may be granted approval by the licensor to train other teachers of the licensee.  In addition, a licensee can send as many (approved) employee teachers to be trained in Melbourne at no extra cost so long as they attend our regular scheduled training sessions.  All approved teachers have access to all training resources including our online training videos.

Interview with two of our Malaysian Licensees Jessie & Carmen

What do you love about Mini Maestros?                  

We love Mini Maestros is because it is fun, engaging and lively.

Why did you choose the Mini Maestros Program?

We chose the Mini Maestros program because it has a lot of benefits for children. Besides developing their musical skills, Mini Maestros can build their confidence, develop their social skills, cognitive thinking and most importantly develop the whole child!

This is something that is lacking in Malaysia, as typical Malaysian parents will just focus on academic results! Therefore, a majority of the parents will send their children to attend courses that can make the children to be more intelligent; such as left/right brain development courses. This being the case, the Mini Maestros program provides an important piece within the enrichment mosaic for kid’s education in Malaysia.

How is Mini Maestros different from other options you considered?

Other programs are solely focused on specific areas of development such as;

  • Languages
  • Dancing (Ballet,..etc)
  • Increase memory programs
  • Left/Right Brain Development
  • Sports (Swimming, Gym)

Mini Maestros is different in the way that it combines everything that we want for the child development into a program!

What the training is like?

The training that we receive as a first-time licensee is very comprehensive, experiential and practical. It is not just based on how to run the program itself as it also covers the overall business models, marketing, systems and human resources.

As for the training of the program, it is done in a very systematic way where we need to go through classroom training, observation in the class and on the job training. All these are really helpful for us to grasp or to have a better understanding of the program in a short period of time.

Ongoing training can be conducted using Vimeo / Skype when we are back to Malaysia.

All these are really helpful and useful, and enabled us to start Mini Maestros in Malaysia with ease! 

Where you run classes?

We have a centre where we run this program, located in Desa ParkCity, Malaysia.

Why is doing an English speaking program great?

In Malaysia, we have a lot of nationalities  – Malay, Chinese, Indian and etc.

This means an English speaking program is suitable for everyone as the majority of people understand English! As for those that do not, they will tend to send their children too; as they then also have the possibility to learn English while developing their musical skills!

What is the business support like?

The business support is very good. Whenever we request assistance, the support given is immediately.

Why should others consider starting Mini Maestros in their countries?

Others should consider starting Mini Maestros in their countries due to the following reasons:

  • It is an Australian based program that has been going for more than 30 years, which gives it high credibility.
  • The program is good and proven to be effective (I can see the results in the children that take up this program with us).
  • The training on how the run the program is very comprehensive and experiential.
  • Everything is systemized such as the program training (Vimeo), ordering student equipment, the database…etc
  • Marketing materials are sufficient
  • Other support / and requests are immediate.

Most importantly, by bringing in this program to your country, you have the opportunity to contribute to developing children with high confidence, bring more joy and create great moments through introducing music to their childhood.

What Next?

This is just a short introduction to the Mini Maestros international licence opportunity. We have lots more we can share if you’re interested. If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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